What is ATAS Account UID?

ATAS UID is a unique identifier for each player in ATAS, functional similar to a personal username. This identifier is exclusive and once it is established, it cannot be changed.

How to Register ATAS ID?

The process of registering ATAS ID includes several specific requirements:

  • ID must begin with the letter (a-z), and cannot end with three consecutive numbers.
  • It should be at least 6 characters long, but the total number is no more than 15 characters.
  • Examples of acceptable IDs include 'Bossku888 ✔' and 'Bossatas88 ✔', while '123bos ✖' and 'bos123 ✖' do not meet the criteria.

What is QR CODE used for?

In the ATAS application, you can locate QR codes by clicking on the red button with an icon. This QR code is crucial for several features, such as adding friends, creating a new account, receiving points from friends, and sharing publicly for extra revenue.

What are ATAS chips used for?

The ATAS chip represents a daily operating rebate for all participants, distributed at 5pm. Players can earn extra chips by recruiting new players beneath them, qualifying for “super players” every day. These chips are suitable for selected games, including Ekor, Lion King, Poker Win, Sex Games, Play8, Carriage RCB988 and Lucky365, each chip equivalent to 1MYR.

Why set up an ATAS Payment Password (6-digit)?

ATAS Payment PIN code is a secure 6-digit code for additional verification before executing transfers or withdrawals. Users can choose to update their payment password under the Settings menu. Be sure to keep your payment PIN code confidential and don’t share it with anyone.

How to download the ATAS platform app?

To download the ATAS mobile app, follow the following steps:

  • Go to for APK download.
  • iOS users do not need to install an app, directly on Broswer to access the official ATAS website, this way can also be used on Android and PC.
  • Android users click Android Download to install immediately.

What to do if you forget the ATAS account login password ?

If you have problems when you log in, follow the following steps

In the App log-in screen, select Help and determine your problem:

  • Forget password
  • Forget UID

Return your one-time password via your registered phone number or email to reset or restore your credentials.

What should I do if my phone number has been changed to a new number?

To update your phone number:

  • Go to the 'Personal info' Page
  • Edit Account Info
  • There is a red 'edit' button behind mobile no
  • After performing a one-time verification, add your new phone number
  • If you registered using email, just select 'Email'.

Learn about current bets/previous bets

Current and previous bets represent the total bet of a game that can be seen in the lobby before the game begins. Your rebates increase with the amount you bet on.

Chat Hall Function

Similar to other social apps, the chat lobby allows players to exchange messages and photos.

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service team provides multilingual support for various queries, including deposit/withdrawal, game complaints, etc. Contact us by clicking 'Helpdesk' for interaction via Livechatinc.

How to connect bank accounts in ATAS?

  • Personal Info ➞ Account Overview ➞ Bank Account ➞ Add Bank Account ➞ Account Name ➞ Currency ➞ Bank Brand ➞ Account Number.

Why link a bank account?

Linked bank accounts make it easy to withdraw ATAS points directly into your personal bank account.

How to modify or delete a bank account?

  • Personal Info ➞ Account Overview ➞ Bank Account ➞ Select the bank you want to delete ➞ Delete ➞ Ok.

Having trouble accessing the game?

If you are unable to enter the game, make sure you have quit any other ongoing games. If you are still logged in elsewhere, the game module will appear on the "Play..." indicator.

To solve this problem, please exit the Activity Game Module so you can log in to other games.

Processing game maintenance:

  • During maintenance, the game cannot be accessed.
  • If you are stuck in the game during maintenance, contact Customer Support 'Helpdesk' for help in the cancellation.

What is the Green Chip Icon?

The green chip icon on the game logo indicates that the game accepts chip-based deals for games such as Ekor, Lion King, Poker Win, Sexy Gaming, Play8, Horse Racing RCB988 and Lucky365.

Sample: The exchange rate is 1 Chip equal to 1MYR.

How to Top Up?

Go to 'Top up' ➞ Choose 'Currency' ➞ Select 'Payment Method'

How to withdraw?

Go to 'Withdraw' ➞ Add Bank Account First ➞ Choose 'Currency' ➞ Press 'Withdraw' in Wallet info below ➞ Select your bank ➞ Amount ➞ Next.

Why was the top up rejected?

Top up may be rejected for a variety of reasons:

  • The receipt of the transaction is unclear.
  • Details of transaction details, such as time, date, amount or bank account information.
  • Suspicious transaction citations suggest illegal activities (e.g., purchase, stock, sales) that may imply criminal intent.

Rejection of withdrawal?

If your bet does not meet the minimum requirement of the equivalent or greater deposit, the withdrawal may be rejected.

For example, the recharge of RM200 requires a minimum bet of RM200 to be eligible for withdrawal.

Before you start, be sure to read the ATAS terms or conditions before it is executed.

When did ATAS officially open for business?

January 09, 2024